Chevy 4G LTE Plan Prices Cut in Half

Chevy 4G LTE plan prices have been cut in half.

Chevrolet is a brand famous for the technology that it offers to drivers. Among its most popular vehicle technologies is the 4G LTE hotspot integrated into various models in the lineup. This 4G LTE technology allows drivers to gain access to the services and data that they need on the go. Chevrolet is also a […]

$6,000 Raised for Marquette Academy at Sierra Motor Mall Test Drive Fundraiser

$6,000 was raised during the FCA and Sierra Motor Mall test drive fundraiser for Marquette Academy.

  On June 25, 2016, Sierra Motor Mall and Marquette Academy co-hosted a “May Merriment Fundraiser presented by the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” and raised $6000 for the Academy. During the fundraiser held in conjunction with the Runners’ Crusade 5K Run and cookout, FCA US contributed $20 for each test drive taken in a […]

If Jeeps were Pokémon Go Characters

They would probably be a lot easier to spot than the 700+ fictional species of creatures on your phone. If Jeeps were Pokémon though, you would probably see more drivers in sport utility vehicles chasing other sport utility vehicles through the congested streets and highways of the Prairie Street. As we anticipate our next Jeep […]

Chevy vs. Ford: The Truck War is Back On

It’s common to see the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150 compared: they’re two of America’s most-loved trucks! And now the Chevy vs. Ford war is officially back on with the latest round of Chevrolet ads. The Silverado is more than just a well-known competitor in the pickup segment—for some, it’s the top of the […]

Which Vehicle Would Your Favorite White Sox Player Be?

Your favorite White Sox players have some striking similarities to our favorite cars! Read on to find out which cars we thing these players would be. Alex Avila Avila has a steel of armor. He was nicknamed “The Titanium Catcher” for all the times he was hit by foul tips. But he has come back […]

Choose Your Own Adventure with the Bill Walsh Official Guide Vehicle

Starting this month, the Bill Walsh Auto Group is giving back to its Jeep customers with a fun opportunity to learn how to making driving your Jeep fun again. To do this, we have partnered with The Cliffs in Marseilles, IL, for a free event that will give you more excitement each time you leap […]

Which Vehicle Would Your Favorite Cubs Players Be?

You love the Cubs. If your favorite Cubs players were cars, which models would they be? That’s a question we at Bill Walsh are more than happy to answer. Anthony Rizzo Back when Rizzo played for the Red Sox, he was the best power hitter there. Thankfully, the Cubs now have his talents! Just like […]

The Crosstown Classic Rivalry: Cubs vs. White Sox

The rivalry between the Cubs and the White Sox dates back to the 1906 World Series, although the teams never actually met again between 1906 and 1997 when interleague play was introduced. Whether you are a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan, you can still tailgate with the new ride you bought from Bill […]

Blackhawks Season Recap: the 90th Regular Season

Last year was the 90th season for Chicago’s NHL team, and—as the following 2015-16 Blackhawks season recap shows—the team has certainly grown. This year the Blackhawks ranked third in both their conference and their division, with a 47-26-9 record and a whopping 235 goals. According to the official Blackhawks website, the team is aiming to […]

Chicago Hiking Trails to Explore in Warm Weather

Chicago isn’t really a region associated with the great outdoors. Commerce, economic growth, a bustling center of urban trade, maybe, but big cities like Chicago aren’t commonly considered outdoorsy. However, as the weather warms up, you might start feeling that itch to get out of the house and feel at one with nature. Surprisingly, Chicago […]

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