Safety Tips for Driving During Severe Winds

Keep windows shut when driving during severe winds.

Keep your head inside the car. Leave that to the dogs.

Here in Chicago, we can deal with some pretty severe winds. We call it the Windy City for a reason! Nevertheless, these high-intensity winds can cause some serious damage to your vehicle. In order to avoid wind-based accidents, be sure to follow these safety tips for driving during severe winds!

Do Not Stop on a Bridge

Another thing we have in abundance here in Chicago is bridges. However, the lift from high-intensity winds can become even more severe when your vehicle is on a bridge. In order to ensure your vehicle doesn’t face the full power of a sudden gale, avoid stopping on these bridges.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

Maintaining balance of your vehicle is important when the wind is trying to move it in multiple directions. In order to maintain complete control, keep both hands on your vehicle’s steering wheel at all times.

Keep an Eye Out for Flying Debris

Severe winds can often cause debris to suddenly lift up into the air. If driving during high-intensity winds, you should make sure to be completely aware of all of your surroundings so as to spot any nearby debris.

The safest thing to do when there are severe windstorms in the area is to stay home. If you do have to drive during high-intensity winds, then be sure to stay safe out there by following these safety tips!

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