Why You Should Use a Dog Seatbelt Harness

Make sure you have a dog seatbelt harness for your pet.

Dogs shouldn’t drive, but you should buckle them up.

Everyone who owns a dog does it. Most people don’t give a second thought to the idea of their dog riding free in the car. It’s almost a staple of warm weather; it’s not truly spring yet until you see dogs lolling their heads out the windows, panting with their tongues dangling in the wind. However, letting your furry friend roam loose in the car poses both a hazard to the dog and to you and anyone else that might be in the car at the time, which is why you should consider investing in a dog seatbelt harness.

First of all, as much as he wants to, you shouldn’t allow your dog to ride shotgun in the front passenger seat. Why? Because anything from an accident to just making a sudden stop could throw your dog out the window or through the windshield. Additionally, being subject to a deployed airbag could seriously injure an animal riding in the front passenger seat. They also pose a distraction to driving. Studies say that looking away from the road for only two seconds can cause an accident, and the number-one way that dogs distract us is by being adorable — more often than not, we take our hands off the steering wheel in order to pet them.

The solution is to strap your puppy into the second row. You might miss your friend, but this option is safer for both of you. When it comes to restraining your pet, there are many options on the market, but a harness redistributes the weight of the dog more eventually in the case of an accident and prevents the potential choking hazard of a collar. A few different harness designs include a loop that you may weave the seatbelt through, or harnesses with a clip that plugs directly into the seatbelt clip. This allows your dog to sit comfortably by the rear window without roaming freely around the vehicle.

Getting a dog seatbelt harness is about safety. There are increasingly strict legal restrictions regarding unrestrained pets in the car, but the truth is, there just aren’t many rules and guidelines concerning the practice of letting your pet ride with you at the moment. Even if you aren’t worried about yourself, think about your dog — he trusts you to be responsible and take care of him, and that includes making sure he’s safe.

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