The Crosstown Classic Rivalry: Cubs vs. White Sox

The rivalry between the Cubs and the White Sox dates back to the 1906 World Series, although the teams never actually met again between 1906 and 1997 when interleague play was introduced. Whether you are a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan, you can still tailgate with the new ride you bought from Bill Walsh.

According to the MLB website, the Cubs and the White Sox are on a roll, seemingly replicating the iconic 1906 World Series. Both teams have the best records in the Major Leagues, with the Cubs off to a particularly great start. The Crosstown Classic rivalry is bound to be a blast this year.

The Cubs have been around since 1876, becoming the founder of the National League, while the White Sox got their start in 1901. The Cubs have been in 10 World Series championships over the years, winning a total of two, while the White Sox have been in five and won three.

The Crosstown Classic is set for July 25-27, with the first two games at the White Sox’s US Cellular Field. This could be one of the best games around—we here at Bill Walsh can’t wait to see which Chicago team wins the hometown rivalry.

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