Choose Your Own Adventure with the Bill Walsh Official Guide Vehicle

The Bill Walsh Official Guide Vehicle

Admit it. You want to drive this Wrangler.

Starting this month, the Bill Walsh Auto Group is giving back to its Jeep customers with a fun opportunity to learn how to making driving your Jeep fun again.

To do this, we have partnered with The Cliffs in Marseilles, IL, for a free event that will give you more excitement each time you leap into your Jeep for your next adventure. One Saturday morning each month, starting June 25, we will be teaching a 2-hour course with a guide to going off-road with your Jeep from Sierra Chrysler in Ottawa and Coronet Dodge in Peru.

At this event, we will be providing a specially-wrapped Jeep Wrangler to guide you through this hand-on class that will take you through 300 acres of pure Insane Terrain. Check out our Wrangler vehicle below!

The Jeep Wranger is the Bill Walsh Official Guide Vehicle.

Allow us to introduce you to the Official Guide Vehicle for our Customer Appreciation Event.

Notice the add-on accessories to our Jeep vehicle that have been provided by Tough Rigs in Ottawa, IL!

    • Specially Wrapped for a Special Occasion
      • Our “Official Guide Vehicle” has been specifically wrapped to not only stand out, but also stand up to the terrain course where toughness is extremely demanded.
  • Custom Bumper with a Winch Installed
    • Between these two items, you start to see a reliable vehicle become even more handy and adaptable
    • Rock Rails
      • Protected from mayhem on both sides, these rock rails prevent denting. They are 100% functional and benefit drivers greatly during off-road experiences.
  • 3-inch Lift
    • If you’re going off-road, you better have your Jeep properly lifted. This is why our vehicle for this event will offer a fairly stable ride no matter what.
  • Mud Tires
    • Just like the lift, you want tires that are built for fun. When you arrive, pay special attention to the wheels on this vehicle.


For all of you who have bought a Jeep at our Coronet and Sierra Chrysler dealerships, we extend are many thanks to you. Please RSVP at, and let us know you are coming. We will see you on June 25!

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