Which Vehicle Would Your Favorite Cubs Players Be?

You love the Cubs. If your favorite Cubs players were cars, which models would they be? That’s a question we at Bill Walsh are more than happy to answer.

Anthony Rizzo

Back when Rizzo played for the Red Sox, he was the best power hitter there. Thankfully, the Cubs now have his talents! Just like the Chevrolet Camaro gives your roaring power behind the wheel, Rizzo has big power behind the bat.

Kris Bryant

Bryant is noted as the best hitter in the draft because of his ability to hit those tricky down-and-away curveballs. Just like the Kia Sportage, which has top power in its all-wheel drive system to tackle the trickiest of curves.

Dexter Fowler

Team USA snatched up Fowler for their team in the 2008 Olympics. That allowed Fowler to explore the world, just the Ford Focus, which continues to be a best-selling car outside of America.

Jason Heyward

One of the best left-handed hitters and an amazing defense in the right field, 6’5” Heyward is tall, defensive and powerful, much like the tall and strong presence of the GMC Yukon XL.

Addison Russell

Russell has been named both a rising star and is ranked the number 3 player in best prospects. He’s climbing up and ready to show the world what he’s got, like the ever-developing and innovative Toyota Prius.

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