Which Vehicle Would Your Favorite White Sox Player Be?

Your favorite White Sox players have some striking similarities to our favorite cars! Read on to find out which cars we thing these players would be.

Alex Avila

Avila has a steel of armor. He was nicknamed “The Titanium Catcher” for all the times he was hit by foul tips. But he has come back strong, just like the high-strength steel of the Ford Super Duty F-350.

Chris Sale

A top pitcher, Sale led the American League in strikeouts in 2015. This efficiency and accuracy is similar to the way the intelligent Chevrolet Spark conserves energy for a flawless (and economical) performance.

Jose Abreu

Abreu came from Cuba to play for the White Sox, and chose an unusually high uniform number (79) so that he would stand out to his family. This connection to family makes him like the lovable, reliable Chrysler Town & Country.

Melky Cabrera

Cabrera has a World Series championship under his belt and an All-Star Game MVP award. He’s got tons of awards under his belt just like the Honda Civic, which was the most awarded car of 2015.

David Robertson

Not only is Robertson a great baseball player, he started a charitable foundation to help tornado victims and was nominated for the Martin Miller Man of the Year Award. A top American, like the Jeep Patriot.

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