If Jeeps were Pokémon Go Characters

If Jeeps were Pokémon

They would probably be a lot easier to spot than the 700+ fictional species of creatures on your phone. If Jeeps were Pokémon though, you would probably see more drivers in sport utility vehicles chasing other sport utility vehicles through the congested streets and highways of the Prairie Street.

As we anticipate our next Jeep Customer Appreciation Event at the Cliffs Insane Terrain, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “Which Pokémon characters would each Jeep vehicle be?”

Jeep Renegade

Always ready for a difficulty, the Jeep Renegade proves itself a valiant warrior on and off the road. Any challenge is nothing but a situation for the Renegade to bring out its aggressive side and attack the moment head on without mercy like Charmeleon.

Jeep Compass

Combining the small size of a compact car and the power of an SUV, the Compass is very efficient in how it travels. Combining the 2.4L World Engine and a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, the Jeep Compass can get up to 26 MPG on the highway. As you can tell, the compact SUV makes the most of its adventures without slowing down, and that has lots of similarity to Squirtle and its shell.

Jeep Patriot

Sometimes security is best exhibited in a fortress on four wheels. That’s why many consumers have flocked to the Patriot. Confidence and strength are the essence that lies behind the compact SUV’s rich set of safety features. Included in this package is a set of six airbags and available crush zones in front of your car and side guard door beams to absorb and disperse the energy of a car accident. It’s almost like you are driving Sandshrew, who absorbs water without waste, giving it the ability to service in a deer. Plus, in the midst of danger, Sandshrew will curl up to shield itself from danger, such as its enemies.

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