The 2016 Chicago Bears Season Will Be Their Best One Yet

2016 Bears Football Season

Good times are ahead for da Bears.

If there is one Football team that other teams should dread going up against, it would have to be “Da Bears.” Each year, the Chicago Bears get better and better, perfecting their strategy and using teamwork to make their dream work; their dream being to win the championship, of course! This year, the Chicago Bears are set to be an even more formidable force, due to a variety of reasons. Here are just a few reasons why the 2016 Chicago Bears season will be their best one yet!

First of all, the Bears have made some vast improvements to their run defense in order to ensure that no other team can get past them.

Outside of defense, the Chicago Bears are also working to fine tune their offense. For example, the team is adding more variety to its wide receivers, allowing for a variety of strategies to flourish.

However, the true secret to the Bears’ success will lie with head coach John Fox. His strategies helped get the Chicago Bears far last season, and it seems that they will help the team get even further this year!

With football season approaching, you are definitely going to want to keep your eyes focused on the rising stars of the football world: the Chicago Bears!

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