Washington and Oregon Add More Infrastructure to Support New Kia Soul EV Model

The new Kia Soul EV model continues to wow consumers.

Over the last few years, the Kia Soul never seems to lose its popularity.

The Kia Soul has been one of the quirkiest and most popular vehicles on the hatchback market for quite a few years now. The new Kia Soul EV is pushing the hatchback’s popularity into the green vehicle market as well. To support the new Kia Soul EV model, Kia is sending the model to 12 new dealerships in Washington and 8 new dealerships in Oregon.

Each of these new dealerships will come with two Level-2 chargers—and 10 of the dealers will actually get DC fast chargers as well. There will be 40 Level-2 chargers total in the Pacific Northwest region, and after these new chargers are installed, there will be 47 DC fast chargers in Washington and 85 in Oregon.

“With the level of interest the Soul EV has received in the eco-friendly states of Washington and Oregon, it was only natural for us to expand into the region and make our electrified urban passenger vehicle available to customers who not only want to be eco-conscious, but stylish as well,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning, KMA.  “Kia is committed to making sure Soul EV customers in the Pacific Northwest are adequately covered, which is why we’re also installing DC fast chargers and offering free charging at select dealers.”

The Soul isn’t just great because of its green technology, though. It also comes with features like Kia’s UVO EVServices system, and boasts innovative exterior and interior designs. Kia has also partnered with Greenlots to offer more access to chargers in the Pacific Northwest. Come see us here at Bill Walsh to learn more about how that works and more about the Kia Soul EV as well.

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