Volkswagen Technologies: Cutting-Edge and Practical


Volkswagen technologies

Volkswagen tech is consistently ingenious.


The Volkswagen name is often associated with quite a few automotive superlatives. One area in particular that VW has continually proven groundbreaking is technology. Even a cursory look at a few Volkswagen technologies shows an automaker that is dramatically ahead of the curve…

Area View

Using cutting-edge camera technology, the Area View technology lets the driver know what’s going on around vehicle. The video images, which are shown on the touchscreen display, are drawn from four different cameras, all strategically and discreetly embedded in the vehicle’s structure.

TSI Engine Technology

When it comes to ideal engine performance, it’s not just about torque. It’s about when that torque is available. TSI technology combines the benefits of turbocharging as well as direct fuel injection and low capacity cylinders. The result is that torque is available at lower revs, meaning fuel conservation and lower engine noise.

City Emergency Braking

When you mix all different kinds of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians in the often very tight spaces of the city, you get an alarming degree of unpredictability. City Emergency Braking uses radar or lidar to detect whether a collision might be imminent with the vehicle driving in front of you or a stationary object. If so, the system can apply the brakes.

Brake Energy Recuperation

With this amazing technology, VW vehicles that feature electric drive systems are actually able to use the energy given off during braking to recharge the battery. The ultimate result is fuel conservation.

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