What Car Color Represents You?

Car color

What do you look for when buying a new car? Some say technology. Some say safety. However, many say color. Car color actually has a lot to say about the drive. According to a report from Fox Business, each color stands for a different personality. Curious about what car color represents? Read on then!



Black is a color that screams sophistication, especially in the automotive world.


While still refined, white is a little more practical than black.


Are you up with the latest trends? If so, you might be up to select a silver car.


However, if you are more content to blend in than stand out, grey is good for you.


Red is the preferred car color for those who are brave and bold on the road.


Blue is a much more peaceful and calm color than red.


Brown is perfect for those drivers who are practical.


If you light up the room around you with your smile, you will surely light up the road with a yellow car.


Those in tune with nature will find green to be a natural choice.


More so than any other color, the rare car color of orange will help you stand out on the road!

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