Driving in the Snow Tips and Tricks

Driving in the Snow

Winter is on its way. Therefore, a blanket of deep snow is sure to be on its way as well. Snow can create some seriously dangerous driving conditions during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to know how to drive in the snow.

  1. Accelerate and Decelerate Carefully

When it comes to snow and ice on the road, slow and steady wins the race. Be sure to take your time to both accelerate and decelerate during your trip.

  1. Turn off Your Cruise Control

Cruise control is undoubtedly a useful feature to have. However, it’s not very useful during winter driving conditions. You are much better off utilizing your own judgement and senses.

  1. Don’t Stall on Hills

As dangerous as driving down a hill can be during heavy snowfall, stopping halfway up a hill is even more dangerous. Your vehicle could become trapped there, or worse yet, it could begin to slide right back down the hill!

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