What is a Trip Computer?

trip computer

Everyone knows that their vehicle comes equipped with a trip computer. However, few understand exactly what a trip computer is and what it does. We here at the Bill Walsh family have decided to provide the answer to the question of what a trip computer is.

At its most basic level, a trip computer is a helpful way to determine your vehicle’s speed and fuel efficiency. During the span of a trip or journey, the trip computer will measure how much fuel you have used and how soon you will have to stop to refuel.

The most basic trip computers usually have a fuel gauge and a speed indicator. However, more advanced trip computers have so much more. They can measure fuel efficiency, tire pressure, and can even estimate how many miles you can travel before you need to refuel.

The next time you head out on a long trip, you can head out with the knowledge of what your trip computer can do for you.

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