How to Open Frozen Car Doors

open frozen car doors

A frozen car door is the worst thing to come outside to in the morning, but there are ways to get the door open quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t make you late for work. Here are some easy tricks so you can open frozen car doors with ease!

First, push on the car door as hard as you can so it goes in and breaks the ice between the two doors. This won’t necessarily work, but it’s worth a shot. Chipping away at the ice with a butter knife is an option, though not a preferable one since it can damage your paint job if you make a wrong move.

Your next best bet is to heat up water in a tea kettle and pour it over the ice to melt it. As the ice thins out, it’ll get easier to pull the door open, so keep trying as the ice melts. If you can plug a hair dryer in close by, this is another good way to melt the ice. A commercial de-icing spray is also a good thing to have if you’re in a hurry. It’ll melt the ice in no time.

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