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The Surprising History of President’s Day Auto Sales

Every year, car dealers across the country roll out special offers for President’s Day. In fact, many car shoppers assert that it is the best time of year to get a new car, with several deals and incentives for both buyers and sellers. However, President’s Day auto sales were not always around. According to, […]

What is a Trip Computer?

Everyone knows that their vehicle comes equipped with a trip computer. However, few understand exactly what a trip computer is and what it does. We here at the Bill Walsh family have decided to provide the answer to the question of what a trip computer is. At its most basic level, a trip computer is […]

Popular Science Names the Cadillac Rear Camera Mirror a “Best of What’s New” Technology

Cadillac has a commitment to providing customers with the best technology available. The automaker is always looking for new ways to introduce new technologies. All that hard work is earning Cadillac recognition. According to a Cadillac press release, Popular Science named the Cadillac Rear Camera Mirror a “Best of What’s New” technology. Every year, Popular […]

Driving in the Snow Tips and Tricks

Winter is on its way. Therefore, a blanket of deep snow is sure to be on its way as well. Snow can create some seriously dangerous driving conditions during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to know how to drive in the snow. Accelerate and Decelerate Carefully When it comes to snow and ice […]

What Car Color Represents You?

What do you look for when buying a new car? Some say technology. Some say safety. However, many say color. Car color actually has a lot to say about the drive. According to a report from Fox Business, each color stands for a different personality. Curious about what car color represents? Read on then!   […]

Volkswagen Technologies: Cutting-Edge and Practical

    The Volkswagen name is often associated with quite a few automotive superlatives. One area in particular that VW has continually proven groundbreaking is technology. Even a cursory look at a few Volkswagen technologies shows an automaker that is dramatically ahead of the curve… Area View Using cutting-edge camera technology, the Area View technology […]

The 2016 Scion iM Makes KBB’s 10 Best Back-To-School Cars

School is in full swing and you are still driving Mom’s old minivan. The heater doesn’t work as well as it used to, and let’s be honest, the thing has a hard time getting out of its own way. Granted, some of your friends think it’s kind of hip to drive an old minivan (“That […]

Celebrating the Malibu 10-Millionth Milestone: A Favorite Since 1964

The Chevy Malibu is hitting milestones left and right. Now in its 51st year of production, this model recently reached the 10 million car milestone. Sold in over 25 markets across the world, the Malibu sedan is one of the most popular models ever built. According to Chevy, the Malibu 10-millionth milestone comes as the […]

Packing a Roadside Emergency Kit: Things You Should Always Have

Staying prepared is one of the best ways to avoid dangerous situations while on the road. That’s why it’s important to always pack a roadside emergency kit, full of survival supplies and tools to help you in any situation you might come across, especially breakdowns. According to the DMV, you should have obvious things like […]

Honda Fit and HR-V Earn Spots on List of 10 Best Back-to-School Cars

Somehow, the calendar already reads August, which means the first day of school isn’t too far away. Maybe part of your back-to-school shopping should include finding the perfect vehicle to tackle the year’s activities… and the carpool schedule. The Honda Fit and HR-V were both named to Kelley Blue Book’s list of the 10 Best […]

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