Monthly Archives | August 2016

Chevy 4G LTE Plan Prices Cut in Half

Chevy 4G LTE plan prices have been cut in half.

Chevrolet is a brand famous for the technology that it offers to drivers. Among its most popular vehicle technologies is the 4G LTE hotspot integrated into various models in the lineup. This 4G LTE technology allows drivers to gain access to the services and data that they need on the go. Chevrolet is also a […]

$6,000 Raised for Marquette Academy at Sierra Motor Mall Test Drive Fundraiser

$6,000 was raised during the FCA and Sierra Motor Mall test drive fundraiser for Marquette Academy.

  On June 25, 2016, Sierra Motor Mall and Marquette Academy co-hosted a “May Merriment Fundraiser presented by the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” and raised $6000 for the Academy. During the fundraiser held in conjunction with the Runners’ Crusade 5K Run and cookout, FCA US contributed $20 for each test drive taken in a […]

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